Favn™; the Danish word for embrace, is a result of a creative dialog between the Spanish designer, Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen. The sofa’s open and rounded curves are inviting, and perfect for relaxation, work and everything inbetween.

The shell of the sofa consists of two parts: a base and a back shell, both made from hard polyurethane foam with glass fibre reinforcement. Both parts have an embedded steel frame and the base also with mounted nozag springs.


Fred™ has a low, open silhouette that is elegant from every angle.
Cushions float within the design, adding lightness and intrigue.
The sculpted frame is crafted from wood that has been digitally cut, then finished and assembled by hand.
Wide, flat armrests and upright seating help the neck, arms and hands relax, making long periods of socialising or reading completely comfortable.
Fred™ works in home, office and hospitality settings.


Ikebana is Japanese for making flowers live. The beautiful vase is made of blown glass and a freestanding brass structure that holds the flower.
Designed to honor and enjoy the whole flower and not just the crown.


Lune™ is the very essence of a warm and cosy setting, with a dash of exclusivity and
urbanity added.

Lune combines the renowned Republic of Fritz Hansen™ quality with a functional modular system.

The result is a playful design where designer Jaime Hayon’s characteristic curves are elevated to create an extremely comfortable sofa that looks beautiful from every angle and works as well for a party of two as for ten.